Applicant – Bob Sochowski

How long have you been a member?

3-5 years

Why do you think you will be good in this role? Please list specific goals or objectives you want to accomplish.

I will bring practical experiences, strong leadership, significant dragon boating experiences from community, competitive, and national training and racing and previous board experiences to the role. In addition, I have held many roles in dragon boating as a paddler, manager, fitness leader, and coach. I am a DBC-certified Level 1 and 2 coach. Additionally, I am Boat Safe certified by Transport Canada and was previously certified by the Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association (AFLCA) as a group fitness instructor. My work leadership and educational teaching experiences have provided me the tools to identify the solutions to team dynamic problems from a unique perspective and to look through the lens of an educator, paddler, coach, manager and leader. This perspective allows me to adapt to my role as a director style with an educational and empathetic collaborative approach. Some of the specific goals and objectives I wish accomplish include:

1. Developing club standard operating procedures for the following:
o Team conflict resolution process.
o Team Safety Protocols process.
2. Take a risk-management approach toward solving problems.
3. Provide team support through facilitating team engagement activities and by steering the teams toward developing their own team charters, which include values, visions and mission statements.
4. Facilitate the communication between teams for planning races, seeking accommodations and solving problems or issues as a group.

What previous experience do you have related to this role?

My previous experience includes recently serving as the past director of teams and managers for EDBRC. I have also served on many industry, community, national and international board of directors and in various roles (including program managing, president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, research chair, and membership coordinator).

What are some of your major contributions to the club?

I have contributed to the club by volunteering at various club functions, such as at the Riverdale Races, Club Community Open Houses, race operations, and general club activities (including: by cleaning and assisting in equipment assembly and boat launches. In addition, I have served on the EDBRC board of directors as the club director for teams and managers, have provided volunteer services for individual team support through facilitating team engagement activities and have assisted with teams and individuals conflicts.