2018 Board of Director Nominee Bios – President

Applicant – Victor Dong

How long have you been a member?

3-5 years

Why do you think you will be good in this role? Please list specific goals or objectives you want to accomplish.

One of the challenges I would like to tackle in this role is the development of a long term vision and mission statement that will help focus our long term goals and set the club up to operate successfully for years to come.

I believe we have many teams that operate very well independently and whether their goal is to be competitive, or just to have fun, they are very successful in achieving those goals. Something I find us not so great at is working together and looking at the bigger picture in terms of doing what’s best for the club.

I would like to work with the board of directors and figure out what we believe should be the focus of the club as a whole. Whether that is promoting dragon boating to the community, or focus on training more competitive athletes, or something else entirely. I think if we have a good idea of where we want to head, we will be able to better focus on where to spend our time and energy.

Furthermore, we are coming to an interesting crossroad in terms of our current position within the Riverdale community. With one branch in the city eyeing our club house location and our lease in a place of uncertainty, I think it is ever more important to establish the importance of our club within the community. We do a good job in giving back to the community in some ways, but I think more can be done in that front.

I will expand more on some of my experience both within the club and in my regular work and how they will relate to the role in the next question. But the main reason on why I think I would be good for this role is my ability to look at the big picture, asking lots of questions before jumping to a conclusion, and connecting the dots in-between. While I am still honing these skills as I develop my leadership abilities, one of my biggest asset is the ability to self-reflect and a logical way to approach problem solving. I know mistakes will be made along the way, but my aim is to handle these with objectivity and empathy.

What previous experience do you have related to this role?

I have been on the board for the last 4 years, taking on various roles with my most recent being Director or Infrastructure & Administration. With that role, it gave me a good grasp of the various components that allows the club to run smoothly.

With my work, one component of my job is to assist the leadership team in developing the strategic measures to ensure we are performing at the appropriate level. I believe this will aid in greatly in working with the board and members on developing a long term vision and mission for the club. I also manage projects of various sizes as another key component of my work. All of these skills have aided me in working closely with various board members on different initiatives, as well as further development of my leadership abilities.

What are some of your major contributions to the club?

My biggest contributions to date would be the redevelopment of the structure for the board alongside other board members. As well as securing a vendor, and revamping the website. While the website is still a constant work in progress, I am looking to improve the experience for club members to the best of my abilities.

In addition, I try to participate in all club driven events as my schedule allows to ensure the clubhouse is able to operate.