Applicant – Katherine Lee

How long have you been a member?

3-5 Years

Why do you think you will be good in this role? Please list specific goals or objectives you want to accomplish.

I think I would be good as a secretary as I am a highly organized individual and am meticulous. I work well both individually and with others, therefore I would be able to work well with all board members to help EDBRC achieve its goals and objectives. I have excellent communication skills and have proficient technological skills.

What previous experience do you have related to this role?

As part of my current job, I have had to coordinate meetings, including assembling agendas, record meeting minutes, and distributing meeting minutes in a timely manner. I also ensure that everyone is aware of action items and review those action items at subsequent meetings to follow up with items previously discussed. I have also sat on many corporate working groups, developing and updating policies and procedures. In these working groups, I have had to work with leaders from many departments and also had the opportunity to organize a conference. I have acted as a leader in my department by implementing new policies and procedures, reviewing standards of practice and grants, and also developing and implementing new programs. I am able to keep accurate and concise records of meetings, interventions, and all paperwork (physically and electronically).

What are some of your major contributions to the club?

I have volunteered in many club events, including boat move, open house, Riverdale, fall cleanup, and fit fest. I have also helped managed one of the teams within the club, helping coordinate membership, practices, and festivals.