EDBRC brings it home at the Calgary Dragon Boat Festival

The Calgary Dragon Boat Festival took place this year from August 5th to 7th. Over the weekend, we brought down many of our Premier, Community, U24, Women and Senior paddlers for an exciting weekend of racing and festivities. We were also joined by Breast Friends Edmonton, who took place in the Breast Cancer Cup and Ceremony on Saturday.

Day 1: High heat, fast times

It was a deceptively cold morning in Calgary, but the temperatures turned quickly as the sun started to beat down. The Festival started off with the ceremonial Blessing of the Boats and Eye Dotting Ceremony, led by the Calgary Tai Chi and Martial Arts College.

By the time the club was at the race site, any time not racing was spent staying cool under the tents. After some group warm ups and pep talks from James, Tai, Lauria, and the other coaches, we were about as race-ready as we could be.

James with the Mixed? Boat

Tai with the Just Add Water boat

Lauria with Wahine







The morning kicked off with a strong showing from our ladies. Our Ladies First boat finished in first place during their 200m qualifier, and in the heat after, Wahine Kei Waka and Breast Friends picked up third and fourth against some tough competition.

EDBRC Just Add Water

Our Mixed boats raced after the Women. Just Add Water, which had members from over 5 of our crews, got a strong third in their first ever race as a boat. Our Mixed? boat was a mix of Premier, Community, and Senior paddlers, clocking in a first place finish — a whole 6 seconds faster than the competition. Meanwhile, our Open Boat brought in a comfortable first for the Open Challenge.


In the afternoon, the second round of qualifiers was underway. Breast Friends, Wahine, and Ladies First all had strong showings in the 500m qualifier going into Day 2. Our Mixed? boat brought in their second first place of the day, and Just add Water came first in their heat as well.

Day 2: Bringing it home

The Club teams went into Day 2 with a lot of momentum. Saturday’s efforts paid off as the teams got multiple podium finishes, including first place overall for EDBRC Mixed? and in the Open Division.

One highlight was the amazing Guts and Glory 2km race, where the Mixed? boat passed 5 boats for a clear first place finish. The video says it all.

Podium finish for Mixed?


Breast Friends







We had some great competition, and even better collegiality (especially you Cenovus — the free refreshments were appreciated!). For a lot of our paddlers, it was their first ever dragon boat festival. The festival experience is such an integral part of the dragon boat journey, so we’re very happy that Calgary was such a great time for everyone involved.

Until next year!


EDBRC Mixed?: 1st in the Albert Wong Memorial Cup Finals, 1st in Guts and Glory 2km
EDBRC Just Add Water: 2nd in Consolation A Finals
EDBRC Ladies First: 4th in Calgary Chinatown Cup Women’s Finals
Wahine Kei Waka: 5th in Calgary Chinatown Cup Women’s Finals
Breast Friends Edmonton: 1st in Women’s Finals C
EDBRC Open Boat: 1st in Open Challenge