Our docks are back!

Team work makes the dream work! After some unfortunately ill-timed river and weather conditions (with teams going to Vancouver and not having our usual practice facilities before racing) our docks are finally up and in working condition!

A likely combination of late-season glacial melt, opening of a dam upstream, and surprise heavy rains nearly took our docks and fleet and swept them down the North Saskatchewan River. Luckily, a crew of volunteers and staff were able to secure the ramp and docks via chain to the bank near Dawson Park.

Quick thinking and collaboration kept our favourite sport (and for some of us, our livelihood) from being washed into Saskatchewan.

After recovering everything, the docks were still out of commission for about 2 weeks as flow rates and water level continued to be high all throughout the river.








Once the flow rates went down, a crew of volunteers got the docks and boats back into working condition. Thanks to our volunteers and staff, our boats are ready to go out again.

We have made certain changes for the safety and well-being of paddlers and the docks:

  • Only two people are to be on the lower ramp at a time
  • Flow rates are still high – please be mindful of this on the water.
  • Learn to Paddle sessions are postponed by a week as flow rates continue to pose a risk.