Our input is needed- City of Edmonton River Access Strategy

EDBRC has just received notice The city of Edmonton is developing a 10 year River Access Strategy and is looking for the public’s input. This is EDBRC’s best opportunity as users of the river and river valley system to provide the city with ideas to improve our location. Please take a few minutes to complete this short on-line survey before May 31 so we ensure our club has a say in the river access development.

Please note- Whenever possible include Edmonton Dragon Boat Racing Club located by Dawson Park so we are not mistaken for the Edmonton Dragon Boat Festival Association located at Rafters Landing.

Example of items on the wish list:

  • Creating a permanent and safe boat launch in Dawson Park so we don’t have to slide the boats down a steep ramp every spring, and can safely remove the boats in the fall without having to use the Gold Bar site.
  • Building permanent docks so we don’t have to move the heavy sections every spring and fall.
  • More parking in Dawson Park and other public areas around our site so we can lessen our impact on our Riverdalian neighbours.

For more information on the 10 year River Access Strategy click here.

For survey click here.