EDBRC Tsunami medals on the world stage in Sarasota

World-class racing

Tsunami in action

From July 18-24, our Senior team, EDBRC Tsunami, competed at the IDBF Club Crew World Championships in Sarasota, Florida. They went up against club crews from across Canada, the US, and worldwide.

Despite the fierce competition (and some weather-related delays) Tsunami proved that Edmonton and Alberta are premier destinations for competitive dragon boat by picking up 3 medals on the world stage.

Incredible work from everyone at the competition, and to our Alberta friends from Calgary (Dragnum) for sticking with us, and all racers for giving it everything they had.

Until next time!


Mixed Senior A Standard Boat 2km: 9th place
Women’s Senior A Small Boat 200m: 2nd place 🥈
Mixed Senior A Small Boat 500m: 3rd place 🥉
Women’s Senior A Small Boat 2km: 2nd place 🥈