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Dragon Blades

Nine years ago, the Dragon Blades were created out of a group of speed skaters and affiliates. We all agreed that paddling looked like a great way to help stay in shape over the summer and have fun at the same time.  So, with only one very relaxed practice a week, we entered the Edmonton Festival in 2008, to an A division finish! It wasn’t always pretty, and our times were not always consistent, but it turns out being competitive crosses over between all sports!

Since then the Blades have changed quite a bit, and have become a team from a variety of backgrounds. We currently have only six members still connected with the speed skating community, but all of our paddlers are fiery, dedicated, and athletic. The team includes members from ages 18 – to 59 plus, including a few family groupings. Practices are twice a week, including long weekends, and we have added a few out of town races to our season. Consistency is something we have worked very hard to develop, and we feel like we really earn our placement at races. One thing has not changed though, and that is that we are all very competitive and love to paddle hard!