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Got Gainz Dragon Boat Crew

Started in 2015, we are a group of men and women who share a collective vision of what we want in a dragon boat team. We like to eat, lift, and paddle. The Got Gainz Dragon Boat Crew welcomes individuals of all levels and is dedicated towards developing athletes into paddlers that have the strength and technique to move the boat forward.

Nationals 2019 – Regina
Paddlers left to right:
Front Row: John Rocha, Cy Balitbit, Garry Dang-Vuu, Wes Krahn, May Wong, Emma Reyes, MJ Borres, Eileen Estrabillo,
Trish Macklin (Manger/Paddler), Ryan Dumas (Assistant Coach/Paddler)
2nd Row: Jerico Liscabo, JR Denia, Uno Borres, Mallory Tatlock, Sophie Calderon, Ivy Yue, Susan Hagel, Carly McConaghie, Kim Borres, Henry Ma, Matthias Otto, Kent Qin
3rd Row: Moon Lau, Scott Esau, Michael Reyes, Ian Bell, Christian Larochelle, Elizabeth Garven, Kelsie Gilks
4th Row: Rich Nguy, James Eustis (Coach)